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House With No Windows


The house with no windows, the street with no doors,
The concrete is crumbling, the ceilings and floors,
I came here to view it, to watch its demise,
It stands with a backdrop of sunny blue skies,

This once was my home, where I loved and I lost,
I look at it now I am counting the cost,
The years spent in hiding, I lived them my way,
And if I'd had the choice, I'd have chosen to stay,

But I look at it now, hard to say how I feel,
The balconies gone, the image surreal,
And all that remains is an ivy clad wall,
Thirty years of my life, did they matter at all?

I stand in the street, with no windows, no doors,
Just some rooms with a view, some walls, and some floors….

Linda Stuart Harnett, © 2010

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House With No Windows




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