Keeper Of The Flame
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Falling trippingly from my tongue, words of adoration
For an early morning sunrise shielded by silvery cloud
A brilliant golden warming orb signalling life's validation
Exultation of my heart makes me want to shout aloud....

Daylight, you astound me with your kaleidoscopic display
Of argentine tinged rays limned in yellow-gold, shimmering
In a multitude of colors lighting and brightening my way
Until the final moments of twilight's last glimmering....

And then comes the night, ushered in on shadows so soft
Filling every crevice with its multiple gradations of gray
Tiny bits of light glitter from the vault of Heaven aloft
Stars transverse the skies above in an intricate interplay

So many heartache sounds within a black velvet night
A far away train sends forth a haunting plaintive sound
Countless tons of metal rolls forth with all its might
As one feels a slight rumbling sensation from the ground....

Morning, evening, day or night, all are beautiful in my eyes
The older I get, the more my plight to savor life as it fades
Too often I seem to fail to properly appreciate the skies,  
And too seldom do I stroll through meadows or forest glades......

August 30 2010

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