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The Reason I Am Here


Those little seaside towns,
All much of a muchness really,
The sounds the same,
Seagulls squawk.
Seaweed's scent permeates,
Blue skies threatening rain,
The tides rhythmic, relentless,

On the corners,
Burger stalls and ‘kiss me quicks',
Candy floss on wooden sticks,
Children clamber on makeshift ships,
Where evil one-eyed pirates rule,

I smile at the sight of them,
Remembering their make believe world,
I smile,
Remembering why I am here,

I sit on the bed in a soulless hotel,
A front row view of the shore,
I check on the menu for breakfast,
Smiling, anticipating,

The reason I am here….

Linda S. Harnett, © 2010

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The Reason I Am Here




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