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Chicken Noodle Soup

OMG…I just made the best chicken noodle soup
With fresh tomatoes, carrots and green beans
That I bought this morning at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market

I feel nourished and well fed-

I marvel at the mystery of how vegetables
And chickens grow to be who they are-
And then to nourish life marveling at the mystery of it all

Then I recall the old homeless drunk I pass
All most every time I walk to the grocery store
He sits with his 16 oz beer wrapped in a brown bag

I always joke and laugh with him

He never asks for anything-not even quarters-
Yesterday, I pulled a can of Chicken Gumbo out of my bag of groceries
And gave it to him.  "It has a pop top lid," I said-
"You won't need a can opener, Do you have a spoon?"
"Yes, he said, "and Thank You and God Bless You."
I walked away wondering about the mystery of it all--

And who had blessed who.

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