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Have you any feelings

How do i even describe this feeling deep inside
Why did you have to listen to every body's lies
why am i the one sitting with the broken heart
why did you have to tear my world apart
You left for something that's not any better
A Liar to the fullest and no heart to truly give
I sit alone day after day ive taken that vow
Never again to give my heart to another
I meant what i said in our wedding vows
You shattered my dream and our family
I gave you my all heart and soul
You let a lie grow you know i never would
I never hurt you in any way
I gave you my all every single day
Still my heart aches this pain wont go away
Its been months and still you cant see
Just what you have done to me
admittedly i was not perfect i always took the blame
I tried to protect you from that which you would shame
Mixed emotions and only you to blame
You shattered my heart tore my world apart
How could you leave did i mean so little to you
I am alone as i choose to be raising our family
Each day i try again to explain the pain
I shelter your image so they will not see
I try so hard to keep the blame on me
Mommy can be the bad guy so daddy can sleep
You don't see the tears that i cry
You cant feel the pain i have inside
I wont let the children know that your the one to blame
She is a liar a deceiver to the very end
Shes not pretty or kind a mask you refuse to see
Not just one happy home but two destroyed by this charade
Have you know feeling no regret for what you have done
She has none she keeps the both of you with her lies
I can not make you see just what you have done to me
I will grow old alone for this i wont give my heart to another
Love has caused more pain than anyone could ever see
I go about my life and wear a mask so no other person will see
Just what you have done to me
Trying so hard to work these feelings out.
for months all i have felt is pain but i wont tell
I cannot show the world theres not a soul to understand
This fake smile works better than expected nobody has a clue
This is my life now and its all thanks to you

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