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Christmas Characters

Christmas is here and it is dark,
The Christmas characters come
to see the children in the dark.

Jingle bell jingle bell,SantaClaus  
is coming to see the children,
Reindeer Rudolphs is riding Santa's
open sleigh and horse with Santa's
helpers and presents for children.

Santa also known as Saint Nicholas ,
Father Christmas or we call Santa,
Comes with the red nosed Rudolph
pulls the sleigh from the roads of north pole.

Elves made the toys in the workshop,
The kind,elderly ,jolly woman named,
Mrs Claus helped  Elves in the workshop
to make all the toys for the children.

The frosty snowman who came alive,
by placing a magical hat on his head,
was found by some children.

The anti holiday  spirit Christmas Grinch
Who opposes the festive Christmas,
Tries to stop Santa and his helpers
from going to see the children.

Adikaran 03/12/11

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Christmas Characters




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