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For the Years of Dancing (Dance Hall Days Gone)

You saw me standing there
small blond  
in black crepe
laughing with my friends
you asked me to dance
and I danced
while you stared into me
oh I didn't have a prayer
and I
didn't have an answer
for what you were
but you were the answer for awhile
and then
you were gone
leaving a tear
in my skin
where you'd touched it
and a hole in my heart.

"Dance Hall Days Gone..."

You saw me sitting there
a smaller blond still
wrapped up in raven-ish retro fondue
laughing with my borrowed friends
devilish grin and a
fine howdy-doo
you asked me to dance
and I danced
and your smile burned into me
a sly serpent with blue eyes
tongue-flicking for a kiss
oh I didn't have a prayer
when you hissed
and later
found you weren't my answer
unlike the one before
soon you too were out the door
with a  
I was dancing alone.

"Dance Hall Days Gone..."

Oh you saw me dancing there
blonder still and reed-thin as a rail
wearing my clever costume of black n' pale
sip-suckling a rusty nail
you summoned me to dance and I
weakly answered
looked into you
even less certain
of me or you
this time
how dangerously stark you were
your derisive laughter rising like a startled flock of crows
sneering a secret grin I couldn't understand or know
was I drawn in
to a voodoo man
we danced too long
to a 78 song on a 33 1/3 groove
leaving one long purple bruise
and feeling rag-doll used
the memory of you a shocked echo
a chorus
of curses cursing.

"Dance Hall Days Gone..."

Oh you asked me to sit down
and there was no music playing
but I heard a sound
and I nodded to the right
to an empty seat
and you politely asserted
it was nice to meet
you (me?)
there was soft light in your eyes
your smile was strong and wise
I again was very blond but the thinness
had long
You laughed
(and I felt shy)
it was then I thought
I heard a note
a song
and it caught in my heart
and I felt a bit
like dancing again
and for some reason
you stayed
and the shadows of
the others
are fading away
their older music making different memories
mostly the kind I don't wish to
they don't please
like the rhythms you have begun
and make my heart squeeze in a paroxysm of joy
there is a new midnight sun
and oh isn't this  beginning to feel like fun
I wasn't dancing
but I'd like to wait
to see what more will come
this is the smile...

I have at last
found where one comes from.

"Dance Hall Days Gone..."

("you need him and he needs you...")*

LEGAL Copyright June 3 2012 FOR THIS WORK/POEM
AND All Rights Are Reserved By This Author
Meloo STRAIGHT from her Tilt-a-World

*Hats off to the Safety Dance Boys... just heard that song and added that "homage" byte June
25th, credit for this recent addition where credit is due...though the rest came
well before on June 3rd. the portions in quotations are a word play/pun and the last quotations
are a variation of the line you need her and she needs you...I believe the Group is Men
Without Hats...but don't entirely trust my 80's trivia memory.

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