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rage in a cage®

2u and U and U early happy wishes true®

The Rain The Dark Among All Things®

O' Danny Boy O' Danny Boy O' Danny Boy®

The Bold Man....Gentle Giant®

She Trips®

The Day Heaven And Earth Were 1®

Yearn To Burn Away Blue Day®

Choo Choo Little Leah Choo Choo®

Misery Eating My Heart Out Literally®

{ Code Of Love Mode }®

{ Here An Angel>There An Angel }He-I-He-I-Oh®

{ Spies You See DawnThru Eternity On Me Heavenly Eyes }®

{ 4ever Honoring Splendor Left In The Grass }®

Never Leave{The Way}To Grieve Behind You®

Valentine Prayer For Poetry Poem®

Temple Of Locks®

~~~~dial S for smile®

Hallelujah For All America®

( eternity-R-we* *®


{ At My Peak Of Epic }®

On This Endless Lonely Day®

(RETOLD)a 4 seasons tale®

Saving Up For Christmas Bliss®

( Santa Via **** God Above®

( Week Of Christmas Magic * * * *®

Away Christmas Pain{Gotta Get In That Bliss Flying Lane}®

* *My Phantom Knight* *®

No Nacho Ordinary Hot Mama®

They Hungered To Be Mere Neighbor®

a story to go down in hers and his-tory®

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