Poet 11586

The Silver lining

Inside of my head there is the silver lining
The silver lining is the negative thoughts I have to fight everyday
It is hard I must say
My head is heavy
And there is a little fog around the silver lining that I feel
Outside it is dark because it is  night
Amd it is a late night
My dark side I know very well and I am not happy with it
Because it is my negative side and my angry side that tends to explode like a volcano
Inside here all the lights are on
And the night keeps pasing
My dirty laundry is placed every day inside of my bundle buggy
And in my bed are the dirty soil sheets that I sleept in
Love letters we will write to tell our loved ones that we love them
How can we mend a broken heart?
Chocolate is a sweet treat for your valentine
Outside the snow is melting because the weather keeps changing