Poet 11586

What is done is done

My pictures fade
To black and white*
They have lost their colors
There is not much I can do
Because what is done is done
A motorcycle or a car would be no good for me
Because I don't know how to drive a motorcycle or a car
I have no license
It would be parked in my driveway rusting away
I would have to sell it
And get some cash
What is done is done
In spite of it all
I am feeling better
How many roads I must walk to get to you?
Because what is done is done
My love for you is unconditional
It is a lucky day that I can have sometime for myself
Without thinking about old stuff
That is now worthless to me
Because what is done is done
My sweet one is God
I am sure he knows that
I mention it to him a thousand times
Because what is done is done
My world is now on fire
There is plenty of shame that I feel
I am trying to build a better life for me
My roots are superficial here on earth where I stand
Because what is done is done
I still can change it
You are now looking in the eyes of a criminal
- That is me
Where does my faith come in?
Nobody else knows my feelings better than me
And I know what is done is done
I will not let the bad dreams wake me up in the middle of the night
Because they were strange dreams
I had them before
I can't change the fact that I had done those things before
Because what is done is done
I am surfacing in this land
What is done is done
The moon holds its water
So that the temperature in the winter time can be mild
The moon plays an important role in my life
When there is a full moon I know I sometimes act strange
Because what is done is done
Shelter me
Where I can forget about the things that happened to me a while ago
Because what is done is done
I will wear my love like heaven
The clouds move fast
The time moves ahead fast
I need some solace from God and you
I just hope someday to embark on a new mission
Because now I am fumbling towards ecstacy**
I looked everywhere I could for you
But that love died
After it was burning my skin
The scars are left
But I have high hopes for me
Because what is done is done
Is there somebody who will love me all the way?
Because what is done is done
I have been hurting too many people over and over again
With my violence
I hope to learn from this lesson and never do it again
Because what is done is done
Now I feel that I can't be a role model to anyone
I feel powerless
I have no power to comtrol my temptations at the moment
I hope somebody will give it to me
And that somebody should be God
Because what is done is done
Nothing is broken other than my life
You never saw me crying like this before
It is because I am living a broken life
I am living with lies that people told me
They believed they knew me
That is not true
Who am I?
Who is this man withe the brilliant and sharp mind?
They need to learn
I need to start over
And make something out of my life
Time is moving on
And if I don't take the chance I have I might lose it all
I am out of reach
I am now trying to repair my broken life
Because what is done is done
If you could just say a prayer for me
I would appreciate it very much
But remember that I am far away
Out of reach
I hope someday I will be able to love you still
Because what is done is done
Go I know the color of my life?
Yes I should have known better
I acted on impulse
What is done is done
How does it feel to me knowing that I have a criminal record?
Bad, bad, bad
But what is done is done
I wish I could let go of my anger
I hope I will be able to do it
I need to work on it
Imagine me living in peace with myself and the ones I had hurt
Sometimes things are so complicated
Some things I have no control over
The things I do have control over is my behavior: the way I think , the
way I feel,
And the way I
Communicate with people
The things that I can't control is the war, terrorism, and the pollution that is
In the air
Will I see a happy ending to my life?
Who will pick up the piecesnow that I have fallen to pieces?
What is done is done
Love comes to everyone
But not to me this time
I can forgive others
Someday I will forgive myself
When my life will be no longer broken
Not even one chance I will get
Now the judges hold my fate
And I have to play their game
I have no way out of it
Inside of me there is a desire to scream
Now I am standing at the crossroads
Trying to read the signs
To tell me which way I should go
To find all the answers that I need to fix my broken life
I don't care if it is right or wrong
For me to be at the crossroads
But one thing that I know
IS that are lots of questions popping up in my mind
I'll be there and back once my life is not broken anymore
It is time for me to just sit back
And wait for the world to come and crash down at my head
And I know wha what is done is done
I feel so restless right now
I am sleeping at the park
This is because I have so much going through my mind
I am sleeping the night away
The dark night is my only companion
Not a sound I hear
Or people passing by
Tthis is my problem
Nobody else's
Because what is done is done
If I ever lose my mind again
I will have to stop and think before I act on impulse
Everything in my life must change soon
Because my lifer is broken
I feel once again the body heat rising
It keeps me warm in this night
Just once God will you save me this time?
God I'm yours
Because what is done is done
God I don't want to let you down
Say you are going to be mine God
I will give  patience a chance
That is all that is left for me to do
Is there a chance for me to go to heaven?
God I was this time a prisoner inside the jail cell
It is even horrible to think about it
But what is done is done
Before I was thinking about God
I had woken up
And I saw something
I thought it was a shadow
But I found out sooner or later that it was God
That came for me
I kiss the wind
I am so unfortunate to be caught in a web of spiders
I am struggling in this uncaring snare
I yearn for a loving heart to call my own
I am speaking into the wind
My cries go to the right ear
Is there an escape?
Perhaps yes if only in the recesses of my mind
I wait and I will listen
I will hear the one searching for me that is God
I will reach out with my soul and touch another
The one that I will is God
I will embrace God because he is close to me now
My restless empty heart stands still
I will listen to the sounds of the wind
As the wind gently touches my skin
I also need one to trust
To share
And not wanting to be alone
I will speak
Because God wants to hear my pleas
I am opening my arms to welcome the one that is calling for me
- That is God
Like a kiss in the wind
My feelings are there
Carried by and through the wind
God I am also alone like them
I can trust you with your love
I am reaching out
I am hearing you speak to me
Softly and yet so loud
I hear your voice saying
Just kiss the wind
For I am here:
 " A careless word may kindle strife
   A cruel word may wreck a life
   A bitter word may hate instill
   A brutal word may smite and kill
   A gracious word may light a day
   A timely word may lessen stress
   A loving word may heal and bless"***

* inspired by Elton John
**Inspired by Sarah Mclachlan
*** Writtten by Anonymous writer.