Poet 11586

The skyline man

I saw today
For the first time
The skyline man
Flying his airplane
30,000 feet in the sky
And it was amazing
Because at he same time the birds were flying in the sky
How could I forget that birds and airplane share the sky with each other?
The birds own the sky but the skyline man doesn't own the sky
So who owns the sky?
I am afraid that God owns the sky
And God gave the perfect name to it
He named it sky
He also created the skyline man
So he could fly his airplane into the sky
The skyline man
Is the lucky one because he can fly all over the world
In his airplane
Also I believe that the weather plays a role in his life
While he is flying
Before the skyline man
Lands his airplane
In the airport in any city he must contact
The control tower at any airport he is planning to land