Poet 11586

Did I notice anything new

Did I notice anything new?
I did
Today is the day to say farewell to my old friends again
Buth the truth I am old now and have so many experiences
About life
Some are good and some are bad
But I want to keep the good experieces of my life recorded in my computer
And the bad experiences of my life I well throw inside the garbage bags
I beat that I can fill 6 bags of garbage with my bad life experiences
And it is the bad life experiences that it is more like punishment to me than anything else
But I find the good life experiences very rewarding because what I learn
I can take to the next level and there is too many levels for me to count
I have to get through the last level because by the time that I will be on the next level I will be very knwledgeable
because by than I will be able to Share everything that I know with people
And that last leverl I call it the comfort zome
Because when I will be in the confort zone I will be more myself
And I will be more relaxed and full of energy
Also my level of emthusism is very high
I know that I don't deal very well with presure in life
But stress is something that I don't handle very well either
And I must admit it to myself that I can only do so much to improve myself because it is just like baby steps
You move little by little everyday