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What do I want
I want to wake up in the morning
Feeling rested
And young again
I want to stand at the top of a mountain
Look down
And remember my climb
I want to taste the breeze
That comes across an open ocean
And squish wet sand
Between my toes
I want to lie down
In the middle of a secluded desert
And get lost
Counting the stars in the night’s sky
I want to hold my lover
Close to my body
And thank God with all of my being
That she is my wife
I want to go back
And do all of these things
Over and over
I want to do more
Than just remember
Most of all
I want to continue
To change things
So that more people who currently fight
Simply to survive
Can learn as I have
What it is
To live
Ed Roberts 11/26/13

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What do I want




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