Poet 11586

Misc . rap

I am the white Malcolm X,
Writing the next gospel text,
And taking out the next writer by any means necessary.
I'll Stand up, and pop off with rage,
I'll turn you into the next heading on the obituary page.
You cannot gauge a persons skill on the color of their skin,
And it's making my patience wear thin.
Cause I am original like moonshine straight out of the still.
Except you can't fill my cup, and my will, will never break.
Like a levy that's strong enough to hold up every lake,
And I'll stake the house on that like a foundation,
Ready to tear down the whole nation,
With the creation of my mind.
Go ahead, try to find my Achilles heal, and steal home,
Just be careful not to End up taking one to the dome.
The only time I will bebelow you is when I am six feet under,
Except you will never be able to delete these amazing feat I am leaving for history to play on repeat.
Stop it with this deceit, you cannot deplete my drive,
I can only thrive in the hate,
I'll dive in the hate, and drive right on through.
Leaving you feeling stout, down, and out.
Washed up like laundry, so I'll hang you out to dry, and don't you dare try to defy.