Poet 11586

I felll

I think I fell in love
the moment I first saw you
In fact now I know I did
but you were like a storm
that blew me down
an irresistible force
that I let devour me
like a leopard you leaped on me
and licked my face, in anticipation
of your hunger filled, I was powerless
to resist your advance, and you played me
like all I wanted to do was get into
your fancy pants, you pant for me, i pine
for you too, you said you forgive me
but I never knew what I should be
forgiven for, I gave you all the slack
I could give, but my rope had run out with my hope
and there was nothing left to hang myself with
I miss you, but you never missed me, I kissed you
but you never kissed me back