Poet 11586

Blessing turned curse

Dark creator of sin,
Do you still dwell in these ancient ruins?
You've granted me eternal life upon this earth
As I cannot die my humanity is not frozen in time
I barely breath my flesh decays from the bone
This blood deal many years ago, I kept my oath
You have failed to inform me of my flesh
I've been rotting alive for what seems like the dawn of time
Is this my punishment for vanity?
Is this some sick curse given to me?
Many nights I've cried fun to my head
This eternal life is not what it's meant to be
I am but human waste still walking this earth
I've killed and sacrificed for this gift
And now I would give anything for it to be cleansed
This damnation I feel was meant to be a blessing
I wish I had died years ago along with my flesh
My blood runs dry, the only thing useful is my mind
Oh dark angel, take this curse away
Let me die in peace
This is not what I want this is no longer my dream
I pray for death I pray for an ending to this torment
Oh evil one release my soul from this decayed body
End this pain end this life
My blood will be your sacrifice