Poet 11586


Son row accepted the blaze
in his heliopolis now barely alive
between rivers still unconfluenced
where birthrighted omnipotence
tried to walk hubris shadows
the mother-to- be shape
memoried him: another time
siblings soon to be mre
complicated in dense green
backwoods rarely penetrated
sun stingying with warmth
dispense in sufferance
She approached justified
noise always meant danger
strange men holding power
dealt fast fearsome death
yet an altered perception
overcame inherent distrust
forced a new body onto him
he fed her from issued rations
Varied only in their sameness
chicken,pork, beef in plastic
returning each day less skittish
she stayed longer and longer
their bond tightening
there, in a biblical timewarp
where nature sands everything
he needed her to be arround
to show a life amiddst death
contact that elapsed unforeign
exposing inherent humanity
she returned undisappeared
hind legs afterbirth matted
accepted a ration of love
hurry left to feed kittens
esconced in safe debris
lining the lost road home
the mother cat came back
its kitten mouthed with love
he did the only thing he could
buried lifelessness under ashes
in a burn can and wodered
was this also meant for  him