Poet 11586

Evan ess

It ocurs to her
there should be more to him than this
something pleasant to retaste
details plucked from a mental dalliance
a remembrance perhaps upturning
the corners of the mouth
his remnants float in a near vacuum
she can't put a face to any memory
physical presence dead gone
probably never had enough for her
to overcome the weakness of gravity
did they meet at work
was he just another order
something good looking on the rocks
she thinks he might have been a writer
maybe someone met at a speak
someone she should know
now barely a letter
pinned to a name
must have been last month
or was it last week
now he's a factual blur
melded with others into unshape
soon to be sucked
into the black hole of memory
she lifts the glass
peers into the center of the universe
smiles at the images in the ice cubes