Poet 11586

I feel asleep to the sound of my own tears

i fell asleep to the sound of my own tears
as the blood rushes to my head, i sit alone
the only light surrounding me, is my nearby phone
i hold with fists clenched tight as i read over again
that one message that broke my heart i cant even refrane
the hurt i feel inside myself is too much to bare
i break into a thousand tears of no hope and lost despair
i realise im worth nothing, not even a smile
that i will be alone in this, for ever such a while
why should i keep trecking through this worldwind of regret
i drop my head into my hands and continue as i wept
'im a failure' i scream as my mind agrees with me
if only i could just get, a small piece of empathy
you dont know how im feeling, dont pretend like you do
so please just walk away from all the pain im going through
one day after another, it all will get worse
where is this 'brightside' in this lifelong living curse
i drop to the floor and stay there without a flinch
i wont move in a second, i wont even move an inch
i close my eyes and pray for the end, of this living hell
as i fall asleep with the sound of my tears as they continuly fell.