Poet 11586


Alone I am the General
A leader of people. The Chief to the Seminal
A head coach or principle, whose job is more municipal
Knowledge is abundant. Value, indispensable
I'm a crescent moon. I woo and wonder all
And the little light I bring is better than none at all
While others stumble, stall, knees buckled, fumble, crawl
Where others have failed I'll still remain after the sun will fall
But what am I to you? Just a light to view?
I'm a simple reflection. The only light is you
The only night is you. My only vice is you
The confidence you have for yourself, I have more than twice for you
I have enough ambition for you. Truth be told I adore you
And furthermore I need you. I can advice and teach you
Extend my hand to reach you. Do everything except,
stand in your  for you and finally take the step
When I take a breath it's you that I inhale
Your success I envision and love that I expel
Your weakness fell in places I excel
But you are capable of all, at least from what I can tell
What's mine is your's. Thirsty? Drink from my well
You're worthy of gifts I shell
Heart full of admiration. Tears filling up my eyes
If I ever pressed you too hard it was my support in disguise
For you could be anything that a figment,
Of your imagination could possibly bring in existence
So when I push you from the nest don't react with existence
Let your wings catch the wind and soar the sky so I can witness...
What I knew to be true finally come to be
And letno credit of your accomplishments come to me
Your excellence isn't my cause. Who am I?
All I did was open your cage. You're the one who had to fly