Poet 11586

Widow mother

Mother senses son's approach endlessly,
He is in middle forest will reach hopefully,
Her heart beats goes up again n again,
No phone, nomobile, only heart pain.
A kind of Costly fishes in his hand cover,
Trying to pull it in forest by ghosts never
Ruthless ghosts here and around,
Dead bodies buried there around,
Donkey work from morning to evening,
Rest is only from midnight to morning,
God sent him to do hard work,
Because every time much he like.
Conversation on his way end's never,
A best fried holds his hand forever,
Thunder lightning everywhere sounds,
Mother's heart crying makes wounds.
Finally he entire the house with cheers,
Among wife,daughter, sister,mom cares,
Wife took packet from my hand with fishes,
They all together cooked nice dishes.
They prepared everything with in moment,
Because, all are clever in cooking secret,
Dinner is ready at dark midnight,
All depends entirely on me straight.
Widow mother asked when did prepared same curry,
I replied, and asked about Father's funeral day curry,
Mother's eye's are wet, she didn't pray for father,
Son is also crying Father's incredible deeds,