Poet 11586

Ashes of my home

This place, my home, is falling down
Like the girl whose anchor had her drown
Unable to sever the fear of change
Even if it means staying with one so deranged
My home is collapsing all around me
Leaving me on my last leg waiting for you to see
That your the one who won't let me stand
Shoving me back until I'm standing near the rope where you hang
My home is burning up in flames
Yet all you see are the chains
That you've allowed to hold you back
Leaving you in a panic attack
My home is nothing more than ashes
The world fills your soul with flashes
Before delivering you into the after life
To banish your ever strife
My home is no more
Yet my life still leads a door
Smile, I remember being told
Don't let the past hold you back into the cold
And so with an upward curve of my lips
I continue my life like no other script
Standing back on my feet and never looking behind
Leaving the remains of my home that can no longer leave me confined
I take the road into my door
Taking the best out of the world you chose to ignore
My eyes no longer lost within the unforgiven
But instead being grateful for the future I've been given