Poet 11586

God's perspective

What is knowledge, when you're omniscient.
What is power, when you're omnipotent.
What is creativity when you're omnificent.
What is here, when you're omnipresent.
What is space when you're infinite.
What is time when you're eternal.
What is sight whenall is clear.
What is reality whenall is real.
What is truth when you can't be decieved.
What is freedom when you can't be confined.
What is persistence when you can't be dissuaded.
What is victory when you can't be beat.
What is nature when nothing's unnatural.
What is life when nothing's dead.
What is goodness when nothing's evil.
What is love when nothing's unloved.
Who are you, when you are all.
What do you do, when all is perfect.