Poet 11586

A gift for me

I have so many memories
I have kept them trapped within
I don't know how to tell you
Or quite where I should begin
Times that meant so much to me
Like when you first held me close
And times when I felt sadness
There have been a lot of those
I have known great happiness
And been blessed time and again
I have been to hell and back
I've felt bitterness and pain
I have hidden my dark secrets
In the corners of my mind
The mistakes and the misdeeds
That are better left behind
The heartbreak and the misery
The legacy of my pride
Brought me broken to my knees
I hurt so deep down inside
And in the aching stillness
When I whispered a quiet prayer
I looked out from the darkness
And I saw you standing there
You held out your hand to me
You brought me back to life
You helped me to heal my soul
Forget the chaos and the strife
I know God gave you to me
When all I could say was please
He sent you here to love me
And to bring me joy and peace