Poet 11586

Green bird

You're like liquid medicine
Helpful, but a total pain
To take in, accept
It's easy to forget what I'll gain
From talking to you,
From accepting your help
Even if I trust you
And know you're concerned for my health
But your niggling and nagging
Doesn't cause *too much* stress;
When your soft voice cradles me
It makes the pain so much less!
I wish you were still here
To tuck me in as I sleep,
To still shield me with great wings
And give me a shoulder on which to weep
To show off your talons
And say you'll use them for me
And even though we know that's a bluff,
It makes me feel supported, I know you're with me
So please come back soon.
And please, ignore my complaints
Because we know they're not heartfelt, I don't resent you at all
I just resent my constraints.