Poet 11586

Fate vindicated

Love letters from L.A. so sweet
Every line makes my heart skip
A beat, I know someday we will
Be together because I believe
The heart can bridge any distance
No matter the miles that separate
Us today, no and not even the
High Sierra can stand between us
Although I really don't know what
You see in me, I'm just a simple
Country boy from Chattanooga
Tennessee but you say that not
Makes me love you, you have a
Heart unlike most people do and
We have so much in common and
That is what draws me ever so
Closer to you...
Maybe we were predestined since
The beginning of time, only God
Knows but you are the only one in
This heart of mine...
I know we will be together soon,
Very soon forever, just like a real life
Loving fairy tale, FATE VINDICATED
Like a wish come true made on an
Old wishing well, under cupid's spell
Just like a real life loving fairy tale!