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half living

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Sometimes I think I am like a superwoman able to do leaps and bounds,
do the almost the impossible. So where did this part of me go? maybe i
might find it in the lost and found?

Everything feels heavy to the point of despair, I can barely move as I force
myself up to walk among the rubble in each of my rooms. with so much to
get done, I sigh deeply and search for a place to lie down.

There has to be some way I can break through. People say I'm so strong ,
how is it that I can still shine  Ah I say, looks can be deceiving. No one
wants to hear when a person isnt  doing fine. .

It's this upper chin I wear, but hide so well the turmoil that's Waring within.
My tears flow without warning doesn't matter where, be it night or in the
morning. it doesn't seem to care.

Life dishes out lessons there is no denying, I've had my share. But
Lord God help me the ones in my world today appear to be far more
then I can bare.

It's a new day as I watch the sun rising. I brush away the tears, I know
the day is approaching near . I have a flight to catch to be with those
I hold dear.

leaving behind the wreckage, at least for a while. Perhaps discover
there are still parts to life that will bring to me a smile and if so I would
walk  ten thousand miles to be shown.

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How Many More Miles To Go?




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