Poet 11586

Twice I have told you I love you

what will float away
come spring as ice,
down breaking rivers,
are bits of autumnal death,
cleansed to the sea.

and i expect
the winds will warm,
and the great birds
in numbers arrive,
and the boats floating free .

for now my visionclouds and my
body aches.
yet soon the work begins, and i
reborn in flesh, in spirit,

will be able to seeagain,
to pull again,
against the feverish,
the shadow
the ever pushing stream.

listen to the acres
wetted from the main flow
cattail and bur-reed,
osprey taking
what she needs to take,

a heaven now free of ice,
i wait for
the singing of migration,
the silent spawn
among the reeds,

the turning again and again,
coming back here always.

prepare to sleep, my love,
my seed, as
day drops to night,
bed down on a small dry
spit of earth and fall
a deep rest
among the lore
and occasional slap of water
life taken and given.
you are in a
recovered womb
safe against time,
beneath so many stars
and you will witness
with each stroke
of the pen,
the paddle
the piston,
the birth of this place
exploding in to
twice now
i have told you
i loved you
once with a thousand words
on a thousand
different days,
the second,
as i stood on the river's
edge and watched
you float
out of reach.