Poet 11586


Panties roll; and
bunching up,
on unsure lines.
As hands of strength,
gentle and sure,
yank soaked cloth.
Reluctant yet curious,
Panties fall; as
Looped around her ankles.
Like cloth shackles.
Her lustrous seam,
Apparently ready; but
is she ready?
Before there was time,
in contemplating,
his breath is hot,
shudder she does.
Tongue to seam, steady,
sensation convulsing.
Buckling her knees,
she braces herself,
by burying his head.
Sensations too much.
Surcoming to release.
Stepping out of panties,
now laying on the floor.
She moans to God,
as heaven is sweeping,
between her legs.
His inattentiveness
to her details,
were a discovery for both.
As a found beauty,
her pearl; that
He was polishing.
Her heat radiated,
secreting lubricated.
His efforts more and more,
until she finally convulsed; and
bucked him off.
Legs were weak,
with tremors echoing.
Of the night that,
Heaven was between,
her thighs.