Poet 11586

Bosque county sun

I am beaten down from a hard work week
I am so tired I can hardly even speak
But I will sleep on it and when the morning comes
I will be chasing after that Bosque County sun.
It's been a hard week down at the feed mill.
I've been chunking them bags and have had my fill.
But I am now relieved that the work is done.
It's time to take a ride in the Bosque County sun.
I might not be rich and my bank account shows it.
But I work hard every day and everyone knows it.
I will take my guitar and play it in solitude.
And indulge my artistic side with stern fortitude.
I'm still taking a hiatus but I had to share this write.
And I hope y'all stay out of trouble on this Friday Night.
And when I wake up and sing they will surely be stunned.
But I sing much better when I'm in the Bosque County sun.