Poet 11586

Doyenne Shivelight

Backward flames, hushed into ember
soothing licks of tinder, now restful
each sapling, guarded in the embrace of
shaded timber, growing from a proud and
doting wood.
Hearty bridges nurture waves, spreading
the soft, wet kiss of familiar infatuates
every stone sagely respects their vows
whole cinders, solitary grains, reminisce
on parts it played.
Wind pivots and echoes under archways,
whistles around this solitary mortal, a
shocking frost, analarm to extinction,
theclouds birth, tasting storm, the rain's
wet silk. Sky saliva drenching me in glee.
Naked feet taste wet earth, the frost's brisk
whisper; Contented sighs explore nature's curves,
laughter travels somewhere East of here. The
whitewash of snow, nursing every scold of summer.
I submit one private smile.
If there is a God,
She's a God damn Woman.