Poet 11586

Strangeness of my world

things seemed so easy in my life id do what I always did
id get up get dressed head out to work these are the things I did
it was a daily routine from a year and a half past
nothing changed in my life it just went by extremely fast
and then an old friend came out from the shadows of my world
and this is how the strangeness happened the one about my world
I thought things could never change id be doing that routine for ever
but did I think she would change my world not for a second never
a flame has been relit a romance once renewed a love that has burst forth
feelings can change you see a heart once closed can open my heart isspinning out of control its compass cant find north
she's changed my life and I knew I always loved her to the bottom of my soul
but life has changed I am not so weak I take what I want I have become bold
for truth I've always needed her I gave her my solemn vow to love her always
to make her happy and feel loved for all of my days
now my world is changing its very strange to me
the life I had was a curse and she has set me free