Poet 11586

I need a good name for this one

Some may keep their secrets hidden
The things they did that were forbidden
They try to hide what's deep inside
But that's the place where demons hide
although they beg for their forgiveness
They know they cannot cure this sickness
They tried so hard to escape
Begged until their mouths were taped
In desperate times they make appeal
Or even try to seal a deal
If they get away they'll live their lives
If justice fails then evil thrives
But if they try to harm once more
They must be evil to their core
Barely once but never twice
You try again, youpay the price
Your death will be, what they demand
They'll strike you down with iron hands
Some will think they got away
But deep inside you know you'llpay
Try all you want, to repent
Justice never will relent.