Poet 11586

care for you

I care for you
I care for me
As i care for me
There must be a me to care for you
I cannot care for you if I don't care for me
There we can meet
In between
All the things seen
And unseen
About you and me
I care for you
Do you care for me?
Even if you don't I can still care for you
Or from way over here
But ultimately
No matter how great you must be
My primary responsibility is to care for me
And the old, weak and innocent
As they are all parts of me
And you
And so my life begins
Truly begins
If you punch me first
I have no choice but to punch you back
Or back away while turning my cheek
So that you can strike me once again
But then
I can also just remember
Communication is everything
Don't ever guess about how i feel
Or what I believe
Please ask me