Poet 11586

A White Angel's Black hour

You hugged me real tight
You might have loved me, might
You smiled when I was about to cry
With the hope I'll smile back, I was shy
I was fourteen when I first saw you
I was always excited to see you
You understand me
You're the only person that knows me
I was afraid to share my secrets
Maybe everybody would use me, I would regret
But it is different for you
I would reveal secrets that is inside me
I felt invisible
When you came, I feel invincible
The laughs of everyone that belittle
You turned my smile that would never be brittle
Never going to be small when your around
You complete my heart, hatred aside
Your love makes
But it soon breaks
We were perfect
No one dared to compete
You are my greatest find
You were always behind
A part of you rotten
I thought I was forgotten
My heart starts trying to reject your part
I part that I selfishly kept
It was mine to conquer
Never would I share
You were a part of me
Never did I think that the parts that isn't me will never be me