Poet 11586

Hidden Pain (What lies behind some who fought for us)

A Veteran sits alone at a coffee house table,
outside the sun is going down.
The bell to the door rings often,
too frequently for the soldier's ears.
He begins to think of the war,
the ringing in his ears begins.
Just make it stop,
a silent protest as eyes close.
He breathing quickens,
sweat forms on his brow.
He gets up from his chair,
drops his coffee all over the floor.
He has to get where it is quiet,
so he won't remember anymore.
A Veteran sits alone on her couch at home,
she remembers the blood on her hands.
But now her hands are on a bottle,
which she will drink down in one sitting.
The amber liquid makes her forget,
the day the IED blew up her unit.
Her inner pain is only for her to see,
as she takes another pill with that same liquid.
Oblivion her only escape,
masking out the death behind her eyes.
A Veteran sits with his family at dinner,
they are all smiles and laughter.
He puts on a show,
saying daddy is having a great time.
But on the inside his smile is false,
things just are not the same.
No one to talk,
his wife does not understand.
Nothing happened over there she says,
as he remembers the starving children, the unneeded violence.
Everything changed for him,
nothing changed at home.
A Veteran stands on a stool,
she has no other options.
No insurance to cover counseling,
no family lives near her.
The rope fits around her neck,
resolve written on her face.
Life just is not worth living,
when she barely can function through a day.
The recruiter never mentioned combat,
they said she would only travel the world.
So young and na´ve she was,
never imagining seeing war.
She saw the child in the bomb vest too late,
now she has one leg and one eye.
No one understands,
she takes the leap to be free.