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The moon is pregnant with the babies
of its infinite compassion
it fractures with bulging light
wanting to burst the restraints
of its godly summons
it's where I first saw you
bathing in the buttery photons
that you borrowed from the future
soft and warm, you covered yourself in honeybees
and tomorrow's scent of lilacs
before you disappeared beneath the woodbine
and through the veins and arteries
deep within the cavernous planet
it was this bulging midwife of the sky
that taught me to appreciate the fertility
of the stones and their motivation to serve
and obey our lady of mystery
For His light has been borrowed
to impregnate the night with promises of tomorrow
and the caustic reminder of yesterday's plight
having sunk deep within the belly of the planet
to contemplate its own generation
and be reminded of His radient image
so tomorrow can give birth to yet another day

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