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 Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan


 Larry who shared the teenage
years with me and it is factual
I am a Seenager.
Have seen everything I wanted as a teenager
Only sixty years later
Don't have to go to school or work
I get an allowance every month
Have my own pad and no curfew
Have a drivers license and my own car
Only for safety the kids took my License
I don't know where I parked the car anyway
That must be where my keys were stolen
The people I hang around with are not
Afraid of getting pregnant or getting old
public gassess and getting cold
I don't have acne do natural color hair, white
Less and less visits to the barber
That is those of us who have hair
Life is great--don't know who came up with this
I didn't' make it to the gym today
That makes five years in a row
No longer call it going to the "John"
Have renamed it the "Jim"
 much better saying I went to the Jim this morning
Old age is coming at a real bad time
As a child I thought "Nap time"
Was a punishment enjoy a "Timeout!"
It feels like a small vacation
And I vacation at least once a day
The biggest lie I tell myself is---
I don't need to write it down. I well remember it!
Don't have Gray hair, "Wisdom high lights"
Most of it growing out of my nose
Last year I joined a group of procrastinators
We haven't met yet
Why do I press one for English
They are going to transfer me to someone I can't
understand anyway and if I want advice I talk to myself
"Getting lucky" means remembering what I came for.
I would send this to more friends but I can't remember
Their names and they won't remember who sent it
Where is the button that says send?
I'd like to thank the friend who sent this
but can't remember his name
Whoever originally wrote this is a geniousass
Young girls still think I am desirable
I know because they call me not by name but Sir
I have yet to use a cane
Why would I want to fight them off?
The Petticoat Dictator is not the least jealous
I have long ago forgotten her real name or birthday
Anniversaries are shared in mutual nap times
It was 55 years sometime in November
Why do I remember that
The last time I took a shower--just kidding!
I remember that because she abuses me for forgetting
And goes out and buys her a new outfit
Oh, that's nice dear it's our anniversay


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