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The Asian flu warning is an old memory
It is not about seeing Angels
Or God holding me by his side
Reason for all the time I was in a coma
I remember nothing
There was an Angel
She was one of the nurses on the Ward
I would not be alive today without her love
I was a kid she was older
Embarassed I did not thank her the way I should have
I was embarrased she had taken me to ice baths
I was told that she did that for only me of all the patients
She was my training nurse teaching me patient care
She checked on every patient daily
But me she came off duty and sat by my bed
Everytime my temparture rose
She took me and put me under ice.
Because of my coma the following day
I was on a plane to Randolph AirForce base
My only thoughts the two friends who had died


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