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my "friend"


Now and forever

a Getaway

Round 2

gone to young


risking it all

Driving on a highway

told im kid

the art that is frowned upon

Coming out to my parents

Always Grey never black and white

Stuck in Solitude

One option out of millions

Looking for you

The world so cruel

The way I am

The mask

Just because

The happy one

Pain but Glory

back on the bus

Day 4

Late nights, all weekend

Missing Identity

My protector

A Single Man, Idol and Friend to Many RIP

You are Caffiene

Breaking the addication

Looking all around
Only seeing papers and textbooks
Too much to do
My mind spinning out of control
Thinking about articles that need to written about, notes that need to be fixed, and papers written
Knowing I need to get it all done within two hours

I am sitting here surrounded
While I’m districted writing this
Wishing I could take a simple nap
Knowing I can’t sleep at work
Wishing someone would walk into the enclosed hidden room
Only me in the room for the past hour
Hearing the noise of the cafeteria
Fighting the urge to go insane
Knowing what solitude feels like
Two days a week for a couple hours
Bored out of my mind
Wanting someone anyone to come in
Can’t wait until I’m out of solitude for the day

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Stuck in Solitude




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