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its begun
the forced Exodus
don't believe the news

then it reaches your doorstep

long-time friend
green card expired
came here married
now has two young sons

the Mother
alcoholic and meth addict
in prison serving time

your friend
recently unemployed
nearly living in a tent

immigration came to his van
knocked on the door
carted him off in cuffs
to the jail

gave him a set date
less than two weeks to prepare
to have his life turned upside down

the mother was drinking
her entire pregnancy
on a daily basis
now, the eldest son easily frustrated
the youngest son easily fearful

living under the influence
influences more than just
the person drinking

they love their Pappa
but only on the weekends
because the county appointed a guardian
she was doing meth with her third pregnancy
while our friend
was temporarily out of the picture

mothers have all the rights
especially when they are citizens
especially when they come from wealthy families
especially when they are the ones giving birth
fathers don't become fathers until
the baby is born

our friend tried to prevent her
from drinking
he was arrested and jailed for it

I am stunned by his news
I recall her public displays of drunkenness
her attack with a broken bottle to
the face of my friend's dog Clough

I also recall her drunk
with a dope fiend boyfriend
walking the two boys with new baby in  tow
in her stroller
and her obvious public drunkenness

she disgusts me
I have no pity for her
on her way to treatment she escaped
and stole two separate police cars
crashing one into the front of a Starbucks
her boys exclaimed to their Pappa
Mommy's on television

I realize I have a hard time separating
my own childhood experience
from theirs
how painful it was to watch
at close range

how painful it is
for my friend now
to be the responsible one
to have done the right thing
even though his boys are in guardianship
and he sees them only on weekends

he is their Father
he needs and wants to be in
their lives
boys need their Fathers

for the law to think him otherwise
is just
its an unnatural law

LEGAL Copyright February 22, 2017 for this poem/rant
and by this writer Melissa A Howells
telling her friend's story which needs to be heard
and for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight from her Tilt-a-World

this world somedays is most definitely
Times New Roman/Blue Menu


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