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Rage Against This  Machine

this machine is not my friend
it keeps erasing my words
this is the third time in a row now
inspiration has been bombed

I have written an entire poem
with my heart
straight to the screen
and it has quietly obliterated it
as if I did not exist

so much for technology
there is no heart in it
not even logic

the heart beats only
in my chest
the blood fuels my brain
with invention and imagination
and provides the fuel that
makes these fingers fill the page

I feel nothing right now
but rage
against this machine

(not really,
but if you know the music
you will better understand
my double/double meaning.)

legal copyright (if that means anything) for this work/poem
and also by this author/writer Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World*
*that means my perspective
April 18, 2017 1:20am PST

punching the keys...woohoo my poem was gloriously saved
this time...not like the three times in a row before.

in fairness to the previous poem, I was just awakened
by the man who lives above me, which is a common occurrence
I wrote a poem about him and it started out a bit on the
rant-ish side and turned out to be quite empathetic
aren't we all going through it a bit more than usual these days

usually I can recall my words and be able to
reconstitute them and put it all back together again,
but I couldn't because I wasn't very awake and I was
so chagrined when the computer went down JUST as I hit
the "click to publish" button. bad timing.

the previous poem ended up on a note which was empathetic and kind
a poem which veered in a positive direction. wish I could
twitch my nose and bring it all back.

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