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Ill met by time

I had a strange experience the other day, a brush with time I think it was, real or imagined it didn't matter, what mattered was the experience and the momentary possibilities that in the end sadly proved false. Time, that meter, that measure, that yardstick of pleasure and pain that keeps us guessing seems to have had me in its grip. Funny thing was that it had been an odd day all along, a strange dream the night before and then a day that didn't feel quite as real as it should.

Looking back over the dream I searched for answers but found none and what was it I wondered had me phoning round the family to make sure everyone was OK? Then came my brief encounter with time. A wall of time and the sudden jolt as I hit the barrier that cannot be bridged or crossed at any price.

Leaning back in my chair idly starring out the window I had no idea what was about to unfold. It happened so fast, a fine day turned into one of dark clouds and heavy persistent rain, conditions identical to a journey home from work through heavy traffic I made many years ago; still fresh in my mind because of what the occasion meant to me at the time. A time when my first wife was my fiancée and our lives together had only just begun. I was still looking out of the window pondering the meteorological similarity when I suddenly felt an overwhelming panicky urge to see her. Was it now, was it then? I didn't know, I didn't care. All I knew was that I had to reach her at all cost and without delay and as I stirred to get up I met a force as hard as any brick wall, a massive jolt stopping me in my tracks holding me fixed in my chair unable to move.

Oh, I know, it's all in the mind and if so how ruthless the mind almost as ruthless as time. Within seconds my folly became clear as too later the fact that wisdom has no glory on nights of heartbreaking disappointment. As for what really happened I can't say, but I do know of what they say about the undying flower of first love and if, dear reader, something like this ever happens to you or has already happened to you, then you will already know what it is to be ill met by time.

© Joseph G Dawson



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