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Poem Untitled, But, If Not For You

just a bit off
the path
I'm fairly certain
that I don't have a recipe
and there's
no expert on me

the song I write
with my heart
I could always be someone
when I needed to

but now I've no need

full of possibilities
no one ever else
like me
I'm the one in whom
I believe
the original
making the best of
what will be
will be

when I glance
into my morning mirror
there's a smile
not the fear
that there used to be

wearing the skin
I'm supposed to be in
and wearing the scars
I earned
both bravely and

I know
I didn't arrive here
without getting a bit tarred and un-feathered
or a bit wounded
I've been named
the freak of the week
full of cheek
and feisty as hell

but its my claimed story
the ooze of it
the hoary gore bore of it,
not the sweet sell

who you see
is what you get
I ain't ever gonna be
completely done
you can't count me out
nor ring that
final bell

an original's
I've made
my own grades
I've picked myself up
so often
I'm certain now I can tell...
how I can learn
to manage most anything

looking forward
to that last less wilder ride
down the hill

its been hard
its been fun
its what I chose
what chose me
in the long run

I'm so grateful
to find you here
with me
we're together
through it all

you're the gravy
you're the laughter
you're the comfort
you're the man
I'm so fortunate
to have met
do you know
how much I feel
I've won

legal copyright for this poem/work
and also for this writer Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

10:58am PST May 26, 2017 date/time stamped

with loving dedication to B and Me

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