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Every Time I Listen To the Wind.


I lie awake
and listen to the wind
and remember when we listened to it
I'd like to know just where you've been
since the last time I saw you when we were here
but that won't happen
not ever again
and the wind
only helps to remind me of how
things move on
and love goes away
but a part of you has stayed
but its a part I cannot hold onto
at night the shadows of you play
across my often aching mind
then you remind me of yourself
every time the wind blows
you blew in to our life
like chance
like circumstance
like a gust of wind
and then you blew away
and we're left here today
without you
and there's no doubt you
are up there dancing with the wind

We miss you G.
I know I always will.
My cheeks tweak in
and my heart breaks in two
the other half is you
only half of me is beating
how I can hear you still breathing
every time I listen to the wind.


Blue Menu/9:46pm PST June 8, 2017
legal copyright for this work/poem and also for this
author/writer/poet Melissa A. Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

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