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Black's versus White Police Officers
So many things wrong about that
Today I read about the young boy
He was neither Black or white
One day from graduation
A small mild boy with no record
He charged police appearing to have a knife
It turned out to be a pencil
Yelling he was God and going to kill them
It hasn't come out yet but it will
This whole thing is about drug usage
When well America wake up
And the idiots in my State have legalized it
and the victims families march in protest
Take away the drugs and the weapons from kids
I don't carry a gun but I have one
It would only be used to protect my family
It is in my home locked up and emergency
I don't use drugs you see
I think that is most of the misery
A cop kills a black man doing a crime
The cop is wrong not your life on the line
But who makes the Judgment when to shoot
And when not to shoot
You can't take flowers to a gun fight
Who pulls the trigger last doesn't't make it right

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