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The Crow Is A Songbird

a crow is a songbird
few appreciate her music
but I do

crow sings often to herself
songs of encouragement and secret joy
knowing the world misunderstands her
singing a song as unique as herself
often singular in her improvisations

fine qualities she has
yet they mostly remain unseen
most see only a nuisance
or the streak of a shadow in flight

her attributes serve her well:
keen-eyed and discerning
full of fun and inquisitive
eternally inventive
all qualities aid
her in survival

at dawn
she eats the almonds I drop
off the side of the balcony
her insistent call rouses me early
to remind me

she is hungry
the thought of toasted almonds
has made her a bit impatient
she'd like my company
and to sing her song
as a thank-you

as the almonds fall to the ground
I hear her call out to her friends
they all hop one footed over-joyed in their  eagerness
over the found feast of almonds

the joy inside of me
is growing and spreading too

I have a friend
such as you
to trust in me

dear crow
my day has begun
and you've blown away
the clouds of loneliness

you are my song-bird.

legal copyright for this work/poem and also for this author
writer Melissa A. Howells July 3 2017 7:52pm
and also for this legally copyrighted site title

factually true, yes indeedy, the crow IS a songbird.

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