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~For a beautiful soul, a matriarch that has inspired, for the love of a Grandma...until we meet again in the kingdom.

View: Proverbs 16:31

Proverbs 16:31 (NLT)
"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life."

cheek-by-jowl the edges of wrinkles
         and thinning strands of gray
   testify to eighty-three years
of life criss-crossed with trials and jubliance,
      born before broadcast radio
  with an ambient name,
            you exuberate elegant beauty
 of body and soul,
           living the dash of life without exaggeration,
     by example unconditionally loving others
 as the eternal Father loves you,
       forever footprints on the souls
   are with everyone you met,

there exists a zest for life
        that guided your smile and words,
   like the ruby you were born under
  you lived with powerful passion for life
      full of vigor and courage,
  in the trials you faced
    like the hummingbirds you watched
  your adaptability and resiliency shined,
                   you are a rose
         that will unceasingly blossom
     in the garden memories of our
hearts and minds.

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View: Proverbs 16:31




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