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Fragile Shell Of Morning


in the early morning
there is peace
the day has yet to tumble in
the light's a waning pink
the sky's not yet a rising blue
the birds are waking while
together we share our breakfast
of fruit and almonds
paired with fragile silence

outside a slow cacophony builds
as the mites of cars buzz
a small dog's bark breaks the eggshell of morning
quiet is fragile
its a thin shell of bliss
I hold gingerly in my heart

solitude's a treat best-relished
a freshly steaming roll broken slightly open
rivulets of melting butter
a hot bitter coffee with thought bubbles of cream

singular thoughts
fill my head and over-flow
joins with the growing restlessness

but in the early morning
when the sky is tinted palest of pinks
the birds are my companions
the sky's partial-blue
the day has not yet decided what to do
in this scenario of silence
can I not feel myself
and smile
with a deep knowing
that's mine.


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Fragile Shell Of Morning