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These people suffered greatly so we can live our life,
Comfy in the knowledge they took all the strife,
This goes for every country throughout the world so wide,
We're indebted to these people who didn't run and hide.
But now it seems it's our turn to carry on the fight,
Yet we don't seem to want to although we know it's right,
They live out in the forests and hide away in woods,
This really is our problem we failed to give the goods.
We offer them our blessings believing it's enough,
Then we sleep in our beds while they are living rough,
Surely it's our duty to make sure they're alright,
The very least they should have is security at night.
All these unused places and buildings on our land,
Let them build their own homes so united they can stand,
A place to help each other and live the life they know,
There's little we can offer the failing goes to show.
We say  we are united  but I really can't see how,
Because of all these heroes that we've abandoned now,
The very worst thing we did and everyone should tell,
We ignored our veterans when they came back from hell.

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